Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Pathway Insurance?

We offer unique services that can save you time, money, and aggravation.

For example, when buying a new car, home, television, mobile device, etc. we rarely buy the first one that comes along. We shop. Like any product, insurance needs to be shopped.

We offer a specialized service to help existing clients and new clients shop the market for all types of insurance including car insurance in Tennessee…

We Offer Something Called The Pathway Re-Shopping Service.

If you have not taken time to shop the market it can be time consuming. With hundreds of insurance companies offering insurance in Tennessee can you image how long it would take you to receive quotes from only 10 different companies and then compare the plans provided by those 10 companies?

One person we spoke with spent 10 hours of her personal time shopping for insurance before she called us and we explained how our Re-Shopping Service works and we took this burden off her shoulders!

The result?  We saved her over $500 compared to the lowest price she got after spending so much time shopping for insurance!

This is only one of the 4 specific services we offer our policyholders.

Why not talk to us today?

Call 800-998-0662 to speak with our licensed agents Monday – Friday by phone or use our convenient online rate shopping system available 7 days per week by clicking one of the links below: