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Jackson Tn Auto Insurance


If you are searching for auto or home insurance in Jackson Tennessee or the Jackson Tn Auto Insurancesurrounding areas, you have found the right website!

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Looking for Ways to Lower Your Jackson Tennessee Auto Insurance Premium? 

Auto insurance rates can differ depending upon factors that include your age, past driving record, and credit history. However, there are ways to lower your annual rates and we will share four specific tips.

Four Strategies to Lower Your Jackson Tennessee Auto Insurance:

Tip 1: Increase your Deductible

Your deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance policy come into use.

When you purchase your Jackson Tennessee car insurance policy you may be inclined to choose the lowest possible deductible. Instead, bump up your deductible to $500 or even $1000.

Taking this step will lead to lower rates on a long-term basis for home and car insurance in Jacksonville Tennessee because insurance companies reward those who increase their share of responsibility in the event of a claim.

Of course, this means if a covered claim happens to your vehicle, you will need to pay out more to cover the initial expenses.  Could this strategy also encourage you to be a safer driver? There is a distinct possibility drivers will be more cautious if they know they’re out of pocket will be greater in the event of a claim.

Tip 2: Park Your Vehicle in a Garage

One of the simplest ways to decrease the likelihood of rate increases is to park your vehicle in your personal garage or a public or commercial garage when you go to work. By your vehicle being garaged, the chances of it getting stolen or sideswiped are considerably lower. This may help in reducing your premium close up to 20%!

A large number of vandalism and hit-and-run claims occur each year when we park our vehicles on the street, if you have a garage use it.

Tip 3: Shop Around

Here at Pathway Insurance, we do the shopping for you!

As a leading independent insurance agency in Jackson Tennessee we can obtain quotes from many different insurance companies to help find the best insurance rates for you. Essentially we shop the market for you.

Don’t be misled by television commercials. Television advertising is very expensive and the companies running continuous television ads may not have the best price because someone has to pay for those commercials, and it is the policyholders who pay for those commercials!

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Tip 4: Take a Defensive Driving Course

Not many people are aware of this, but some companies offer discounts anywhere from 10% -25% by volunteering for a state-approved defensive driving course. This can substantially reduce your rates especially if there are teenage drivers in the household.

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