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Auto Insurance Bartlett TnWhen you are searching for auto insurance in Bartlett Tennessee or the surrounding areas you have found the right website!

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Keep These Points in Mind When Shopping for Auto Insurance in Bartlett Tennessee.

We are constantly bombarded with ads, emails, commercials, and billboards saying how much we can save on our car insurance in Bartlett by switching to another company.

It’s a highly competitive industry.

Here are a few points to keep in mind before you switch your car insurance to another company.

Would you lose an accident forgiveness provision in your current policy if you switched now?

This discount can be significant. A policyholder without accident forgiveness who causes an at-fault accident may be looking at a rate increase of 40% over three years for the vehicle involved in the accident!

If you have an accident with the new company you just switched to you may regret not having that provision.

Fortunately we are in a position to offer coverage that includes accident forgiveness from the start.

Is that important to you?  Click on Bartlett Tennessee car insurance to begin your quote.

What about Longevity Discounts?

Naturally when you switch to a new insurance company in Bartlett Tennessee you lose any type of longevity credit you’ve built up.  Some insurance companies offer longevity discounts to provide the illusion that you are receiving a benefit by staying loyal to the company you have been insured with for years.

However you need to keep this in mind.   The discounts listed above really have no application if the new insurance company we find for you cuts your rate in half!  Agree?

Let’s now talk about some special discounts we can offer you that will save you money now.

Bartlett Car Insurance Discounts Can Save You Money Now!

We can offer something called the advanced purchasing discount which will reduce your price by 10% on your automobile insurance.

How does this discount work?   If your renewal date is June 15 we simply need to issue your policy on June 5 to provide an extra 10% discount.

Additional discounts such as a multicar, multi-policy, AARP, life insurance, and AAA may additionally be available.

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