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The Best Options for Home Insurance in Nashville Homeowners Insurance Nashville TnTennessee Are One Call or Click Away!

If you’re looking for homeowners insurance in Nashville Tennessee or the surrounding areas you have found the right place.

Call 1-800-998-0662 or use our convenient online rate quote system that is available 24 hours per day when you click: Home Insurance Quotes Nashville Tn.

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency in Nashville offering car and all forms of homeowners insurance in Nashville Tennessee including condo, renters, Nashville landlord insurance, and vacant home insurance Nashville from leading companies.

This Is How to Save Money on Nashville Tennessee Homeowners Insurance.

In a previous article we discussed three different steps that you can take to save money on homeowners insurance which includes taking time to shop around, combining your car and home insurance with the same company, and taking advantage of paid in full discount’s that may be available with some companies.

Pathway Insurance offers a shopping service for those insured with our agency, and those who are not yet insured with us.

Our shopping service saves you time and money. You can call and speak with one of our licensed agents by dialing 1-800-998-0662 or feel free to click on Home Insurance Nashville Tn to receive online quotes in five minutes or less from the convenience of your computer, smart phone, or tablet device.

Step #4 – Improve Your Credit Score.  Did you know insurance companies will run your personal credit to determine your premium rates?  For example an individual who has a 750 credit score will pay a lower premium compared to a person with a 600 credit score.

There are other factors that come into play for Tennessee homeowners insurance rates, such as the multi-policy discount that we spoke about in our last article, but credit is certainly a factor.

There are a large number of resources online that can help you learn steps to improve your credit score but keep in mind that the difference between a 600 credit score and a 750 credit score could be a significant difference in price with some companies!

Step #5 – Don’t Turn in Small Claims in to Your Homeowners Insurance Company.

Did you know that turning in small claims to your insurance company not only will lead to a large rate increases, but you may also be canceled and find yourself needing to purchase Nashville home insurance with a high risk company?

Simply stated some claims should not be turned in to your insurance company.  For example the owners of Pathway Insurance, Jack and Emily Thomas experienced a power surge from a lightning storm resulting in more than $2000 in damages.

They declined to file a claim because after their $1000 deductible the insurance company would have only paid $1000. Three years later another storm came through the area damaging Jack and Emily’s home to the tune of $15,000.

Two claims in five years with most insurance companies would have caused a significant price increase or cancellation for the owners of Pathway Insurance.

While certainly true both claims were caused by Mother Nature, insurance companies do not overlook claims history no matter if they are weather related or not, it’s all about how much was paid and how many claims you had that cause rate increases and cancellations.

We Can Help You Find Low Cost Options for Homeowners Insurance in Nashville Tennessee 

Call and speak to the licensed agents today at 1-800-998-0662.  Pathway Insurance is a full-service independent agency offering competitive rates on business, life, car, and homeowners insurance in Nashville.

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