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Mistakes Made on Knoxville Tennessee Car Insurance When Buying a New Car. 

If you’re in the market for a new car and you decide to make a small down payment, no down payment, or you trade in a vehicle that is already upside down you may have a problem if you are involved in an accident and your new vehicle was totaled.


Steve is driving a 9-year-old Junker and he still owes $3000 on the vehicle but it is time to put old Betsy out to pasture.

He doesn’t have much money because of filing bankruptcy 3 months previously but he heard from a workmate that a nearby Ford dealership is offering great deals for those who have less than perfect credit.

Steve meets with the sales person named slick Willie and lets Willie know he doesn’t have any money to put down.

Willie says no problem we will hook you up… Willie indeed hooks up Steve and one hour later he’s driving out of the dealership parking lot in a brand-new vehicle.

Six weeks later as Steve is driving to work he is fiddling with his control panel in his new car because he hasn’t yet figured out how to set up text messages to be read automatically.

He only takes his eyes off the road for two seconds when a herd of deer decide to cross the road, Steve tries to avoid hitting the deer and he swerves to the left slamming on his breaks at the same time and loses control of his vehicle and runs it into a pine tree.

All of the airbags deploy in his new car and fortunately Steve walks away from the accident without a scratch but his car is not so lucky…

In our next article we will learn the insurance mistake that Steve made that cost him over $5,000 on the brand new car he just bought.

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